Invoice Discounting, Invoice Finance, Factoring & Invoice Finance Solutions

An Invoice Discounting facility will typically provide you with up to 90% of your outstanding sales invoices (also known as your sales ledger, or accounts receivable.) With outstanding unpaid sales invoices of £500,000, your company could receive an immediate cash injection of up to £450,000

How Does Invoice Discounting Work?
Invoice Discounting is identical to Factoring, except that the collection of the invoice payments – i.e. the sales ledger management – remains with you the client. With Invoice discounting, you retain full control of your sales ledger.

Confidential Invoice Discounting
Confidential Invoice Discounting is exactly the same as Invoice Discounting, but, as the title implies, your customers are unaware of your funding arrangements, and do not know that the discounter is involved with the finance of your business. Again, responsibility for the management of your sales ledger remains with you, the client.

Choosing Between Factoring & Invoice Discounting
This will largely depend on whether your business is of sufficient size to afford the staff and IT systems necessary to effectively and efficiently collect and manage your outstanding invoices and sales ledger. When we undertake our initial consultation with you, we will advise and recommend the most appropriate funding solution for your company. We have many years experience dealing with Factoring Facilities, Invoice Discounting Facilities, and Confidential Invoice Discounting facilities. Our expertise enables us to identify your need, assess the most appropriate solution, and introduce a company who can provide that solution.